Main Event Results 5/1/13

Here are this weeks Results for Main Event this week:

We begin with a recap of Kofi winning the US Title over Antonio Cesaro a few weeks ago.

Matt Striker Interviews Cesaro who says he’ll do the same thing did for 244 days a champion and wrestle his ass off and take back what belongs to him.

Main Event Intro

Match 1: Kofi Kingston def Antonio Cesaro- Awesome match between the two this is a must see matchup, (then again we’ll probably get it again on RAW next week) go wherever you can WWE app, youtube and watch this match.

Post Match Interview with Matt Striker, Kofi says that 2013 started off bad but since winning the US title everything had changed for the better, says how happy he is being a new father and saying “Daddy’s coming home a Champion!”

After the commercial break we go backstage where Kofi gets assaulted by Cesaro who says “You don’t take from Cesaro, Cesar takes from you” and pulls a couple of chunks of Kofi’s hair out of his head.

RAW Recap- The whole John Cena’s injured but he still wrestles in the main event thing.

Match 2: Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater-  Very Good match between the these two, another one I recommend watching.

Overall-  Another really good show with some great wrestling and only one RAW recap.  I wish we got this every week and not every other. Well that’s all for now until this weekend see ya and don’t forget bWf radio Sun 2 pm EST!

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