BoredWrestlingFan Radio live broadcasts moving

It’s official.  We’re moving.  In an effort to make your central location for all things related to our site, including BWF Radio, we will be broadcasting the radio show live on Ustream as of this Sunday.  There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the ability to play the live broadcast directly from our site.

Ustream offers us the ability to broadcast our show to you live, for free.  However, their content is ad supported.  That is not something that we have any control over, nor do we make any money from these ads.  We recommend you install an ad blocker if you are attempting to watch the show live so that you don’t miss anything.

We had a great run with Mixlr, and certainly recommend them to anybody looking to broadcast live audio.  The only reason we’re leaving is because we want to add the live broadcast to our site without increasing our costs.  It’s not that their costs are unreasonable, because they certainly aren’t.  We just want to keep our costs down so that we don’t have to plaster our site with ads to keep it running.

Soon, we will embed the ustream player directly into the site, but until then, you can watch our show directly on our Ustream page.

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