BWF Old School RAW podcast

oldschool BWF Old School RAW podcast

Old School!

Oh the weather outside is frightful – so it’s a good day to stay inside for a podcast.  With wind chill temperatures hovering around -30 Fahrenheit, Joe invited the BWF crew to join him on Skype, and Mark accepted, followed a little later by JT.  The crew talk about Old School RAW, and it leads to discussions about Daniel Bryan, slow builds, and more.  The talk turns to the returning Batista (“basketballs don’t hold grudges,”) and then to WWE 2K14 DLC, the last set of which is available today.  Virgil’s career highlights are discussed, and comparisons are made between the heyday of Bruno Sammartino and today.  Stay in, stay warm, grab a hot beverage and tune in!

BWF Old School RAW podcast (MP3, 1:31:34)


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